Smart GPS Sync Pro 2.0.7 Full With Crack [Latest]

Smart GPS Sync Pro 2.0.7 Full With Crack [Latest]

Picture Instruments Smart GPS Sync Pro

Picture Instruments Smart GPS Sync Pro 2

You don’t want to do without GPS-tags in your photos but you also don’t want to run a GPS-logger all the time? If you take just one single photo containing GPS data with your smartphone you can use “Smart GPS Sync” to transfer that GPS information to all other photos in your camera at a later point in time.

If you have no photo with the right GPS data at hand you can also just copy longitude and latitude from  Google Maps or Bing Maps into the corresponding fields and apply them to an entire batch of photos. This  is especially helpful for on-location and event photography where not every photo is shot at a new location. This method is also greatly helpful if you occasionally want to add geodata to a photo.

Smart GPS Sync Pro Features:
– Transfers the GPS data from one photo to any number of photos.
– Writes latitude and longitude information directly into the EXIF data of photos (even for RAWs which means that NO separate XMP file is created).
– Geotagging with or without GPS logger
– Is able to remove GPS information from photos
– Simple transfer of GPS-data from a .gpx file to any number of photos *
– Recognizes tracks as well as way-points in GPX files *

Supported File Formats:

3g2 , 3gp , 3gp2 , 3gpp , aax , ai , ait , apng , arw , ciff , cr2 , crw , cs1 , dcp , dng , dr4 , dvb , eps , eps2 , eps3 , epsf , erf , exif , exv , f4a , f4b , f4p , f4v , fff , flif , gif , hdp , icc , icm , iiq , ind , indd , indt , inx , j2k , jng , jp2 , jpe , jpeg , jpf , jpg , jpm , jpx , jxr , m4a , m4b , m4p , m4v , mef , mie , mng , mos , mov , mp4 , mpo , mqv , mrw , nef , nrw , orf , pbm , pdf , pef , pgm , png , ppm , ps , ps2 , ps3 , psb , psd , psdt , qt , raf , raw , rw2 , rwl , sr2 , srw , thm , tif
, tiff , vrd , wdp , x3f , xmp.

* The GPX sync feature is only available in version 2 (pro). Owner of a version 1 (basic) license can buy the upgrade for using the GPX sync feature. Alternatively V1 owner can use the V2 as a basic version without the GPX feature by just installing the V2 application.

Picture Instruments Smart GPS Sync Pro

Requirements: Windows XP – 10

What’s New:
– GPX files can be synchronised (works with contained tracks as well as with way-points).
– Time zone tags contained within photos are now taken into account. For images with no time zone information the operating systems time zone will be assumed.
– Multilingual user interface with tooltips
– Retina Display Support on Windows 10
– Small bug fixes.

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Smart GPS Sync Pro 2.0.7 Full With Crack [Latest]

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