VinylStudio 9.0.3

VinylStudio 9.0.3

VinylStudio 9.0.3 | Mac OS X | 16.64 MB. 

VinylStudio is the easy way to convert your records and tapes to CD, MP3 and other digital formats. The powerful sound cleaning filters can help rescue precious, damaged recordings, and intuitive user interface VinylStudio makes digitizing your music collection a pleasure and not a hard task. Download a copy and see why using a conventional audio editor and CD burning program for this task is doing it the hard way.

On the Mac, VinylStudio tracks can also save files as AAC, Apple Lossless and CAF, and saved tracks are automatically added to the iTunes library of your choice.

Saved tracks are labeled with the artist, album title and track title to appear in / on your player. There is also support for more specialized labels (eg, genre, composer, bandleader, label) and VinylStudio can embed the album cover in most file types.

Product highlights
• A one -stop solution for digitizing your record or tape collection
• split functions easy runs to use
• Automatic removal of clicks and scratches
• Find playlists and album art on the Internet
• Keep your tracks in a wide variety of file formats, fully labeled
• Extensive help rollover to guide new users
• Undo / redo multilevel
• Integrates with iTunes on Mac
• Burn audio CDs and MP3

For more advanced users
• Filters tape hiss, hum and buzz
• Standardization and graphic equalizer
• Matching software RIAA, during or after recording
• FFT filters user – editable
• Support for file formats , high – resolution recording DSD more information
• All editing is non – destructive; your original recordings not modified in any way




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VinylStudio 9.0.3

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