SteerMouse 5.2.3

SteerMouse 5.2.3

SteerMouse 5.2.3 | Mac OS X | 6.70 MB. 


Take control of your USB or Bluetooth mouse. 
Do you have problems with your mouse? If undisciplined, maybe it will be time to change the controller and so see if you get to control it better. SteerMouse offers many other settings that do not allow.

It works with many mice, except flesh and blood (better try a piece of cheese), including Apple Mighty Mouse. With SteerMouse you can assign multiple roles to each of the buttons on your mouse wheel and modifying the actions of clicks, double clicks, etc.

Ven with SteerMouse can switch between applications with a single mouse movement, using shortcuts, make the cursor on your Mac is smart going back there where you want to go, etc. SteerMouse mice provides support for up to 16 buttons, ABS and turbo injection.




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SteerMouse 5.2.3

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